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1000 Miles First Step

1000 Miles First Step is a Cypriot tour operator specializing in Educational Tourism, Accessible Tourism and Niche Tourism.

Based on the ancient Chinese proverb that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, 1000 Miles First Step seeks to provide an unforgettable journey that combines learning theory and practice with traveling and fun.

1000 Miles First Step’s leading team consists of international experts from various countries. Our vast mix of schools, camps, and concept tours can all be made accessible to all people, regardless of physical limitations, disabilities and age. 

The name of the company is originated from the Chinese proverb: "A journey of thousand miles begins with one single step." We believe that every journey in life is possible and begins with one single step. We will be more than happy to help you in taking this step.

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A New Generation of Tourism is Here

1000 Miles First Step combine meaningful experiences and great services through enriching, empowering and extraordinary tourist activities all around Cyprus.

Our unique tourist activities provide options and opportunities for all to travel, develop, become empowered and enjoy life, the company provides:

Educational Tourism such as course, workshops and spoken english camps during winter, spring and summer for children and adults, the programs are adjusted for each level or age group and combine new, unique and exclusive methods of teaching English that help participants gain confidence and improve their English communication skills to become more independent.

Seminars and Team-building: plan and co-ordinate every type of seminar based on client needs and combine training and team-building activities with a fun and unforgettable experience.

English School Cyprus   Spoken English Camp   Summer School Cyprus

Accessible Tourism: we believe in making all our offerings accessible as this provides all participants with more options and opportunities to enjoy and get the most out of life regardless of their physical or mental condition. As such, we plan, coordinate, and create tours that are accessible to all participants and we provide everything that visitors might need during their stay in Cyprus.
Our team audited all destinations, hotels, tour itineraries, restaurants, and facilities to ensure that they are barrier-free.
Our goal is to ensure a wonderful and barrier-free experience that will never be forgotten, as well as a heightened feeling of empowerment, equality and engagement.

Yoga retreat vacation   Accessible tour for blind   Accessible tours

Niche Tourism: as the popular trend of niche tourism continues to grow, we continue to create unique custom-tailored travel experiences and events that focus on a specific niche interest that participants may have. Our focus is always on customer experience, service and satisfaction.
Some of the niche vacations that the company organizes can be found: women vacation, Yoga & Meditation retreats, Dancing, Agrotourism such as wine taisting, traditional cooking, fishing vacation and more.

Weddings and Events: Cyprus is one of the popular destination for wedding and other events. We are pleased to offer our services for a special and unforgettable day whether you are spending just few days or few weeks in Cyprus, we are experts in planning and preparing all that is needed to make your Mediterranean event more special and unique.

Sport Activities: All-year-long sunny and warm Cyprus weather allows visitors to enjoy various sport activities during every season.
Marathons: the beautiful sea view and the flat routes make marathons and other running competitions very attractive to thousands of visitors each year.
1000 Miles First Step is the official tour operator of the Radisson Blu Larnaka International Marathon and OPAP Limassol Marathon and offering special packages to the foreigners and locals runners. 
Scuba Diving Vacations: beautiful underwater caves and tunnels, the island of Cyprus possesses one of the world’s best diving spots: the wreck of Zenobia. Cyprus delivers many extraordinary underwater opportunities and we offer professional courses, dives and fun dives.
Sports Camps such as football, Basketball, Tennis, Swimming ,Triathlon and more

Larnaka marathon
Diving at Cyprus
Football camp at Cyprus

1000 Miles First Step is a Cypriot company located in the city of Larnaca, licensed as a tourism company by the Cypriot Tourism Department. 

1000mfs.com website provides information about the company's activities, the courses and tours, which the company is marketing worldwide and the required information to contact us with a professional customer service.

Company Mission: the Company believes that each of us is able do anything he or she wishes. In order to do that, there is a long way to be taken and a personal commitment to the journey. The main things that are necessary for the success of the journey are self-confidence, self-belief that we are capable of, knowledge and personal experience. We believe that as part of our activities, we are capable to provide these tools and strengthen the faith among each participany that one is it truely capable of.

Vision of 1000 Miles First Step: Strengthening society as a whole by strengthening the individuals who are a part of it and work for a better tomorrow.