1000 Miles First Step

1000 Miles First Step is a concept tourism company which organizes aimed tours with an extra value alongside with traveling and pleasure. Moreover, the company provides Educational Tourism such as winter schools, spring school, summer school for teaching English.
Accessible Tourism for people with special needs regardless the level of disability, we offer amazing experiences that will remember a LIFETIME.
Concept Tourism such as sports training camps, marathons, yoga, women vacations, professional courses, seminars and guided tours adjusted to areas of interest in Cyprus.

The company's activity is based on theoretical and practical studies, emphasizing  on reinforcing of independence and managing abroad and strengthening self confidence and ambitions of the participants.

The name of the company is originated from the Chinese proverb: "A journey of thousand miles begins with one single step." We believe that every journey in life is possible and begins with one single step. We will be more than happy to help you in taking this step.


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The company works with a unique special teaching method which is based on the ancient Buddhist wistom which claims that in order to understaned what one have learnt, one must experience it. Experience completes the picture of full and true understanding of what our mind have received. Therefore, our studies are combined of a daily theoretic teaching using new developed teaching methods that are supported by modern researches and daily practical experience through social activities and tours that are ment to implement previous studied material.

One of the leading fields by the company is "Winter Schools".
Winter schools are courses for spoken English by different levels. Winter school camps take place during the pleasent months of the Cypriot winter. Winter schools are taught by proffessional escorting teachers from Israel as well as local English native speakers teachers.

The teaching method is a unique one that was developed by the company and contains implantation of the learnt material through unique and special activities in addition to many tours in touristic places. 

This method emphasises the most important topics regarding any language acquisition or strengthening and includes the most popular used phrases and words of a language.

Another field that the company provides is special training camps for sport teams in the best facilities that include enriching programs and high-qualified tools.

The managing staff of the company is mostly experienced with managing roles in international companies, experienced in the field of sociology, teaching languages and are academic individuals with multiple degrees.

The company is a life-long green advocates ecological and environmental protection and emphasise on recycling through all of its activities.

The company advocates a socialist perspective and therefore it tries to provide the activities at fair and popular prices and to give an opportunity to as many people to take part in these activities.

1000 Miles First Step is a Cypriot company located in the city of Larnaca, licensed as a tourism company by the Cypriot Tourism Department. 

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1000mfs.com website

Provides information about the company's activities, the courses and tours, which the company is marketing worldwide and the required information to contact us with a professional customer service.

Company Mission

The Company believes that each of us is able do anything he or she wishes. In order to do that, there is a long way to be taken and a personal commitment to the journey. The main things that are necessary for the success of the journey are self-confidence, self-belief that we are capable of, knowledge and personal experience. We believe that as part of our activities, we are capable to provide these tools and strengthen the faith among each participany that one is it truely capable of.

Vision of 1000 Miles First Step

Strengthening society as a whole by strengthening the individuals who are a part of it and work for a better tomorrow.