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Payment and refund terms and policy of 1000 Miles First Step

Payment and refund terms and policy

Dear customer,

We are very glad that you chose to participate in 1000 Miles First Step's camp/trip.  It is essential to us to inform you with the following details:

The customer's registration for the camp/trip provided by 1000 Miles First step Ltd is an explicit agreement and approve of the company’s terms and conditions.

We deeply recommend you to thoroughly read the terms and conditions that are presented here for they are an integral part of your contract with 1000 Miles First Step Ltd.

Terms of use:

1000 Miles First Step Ltd is a tourism company that organizes camp/trips in addition for being an agency that coordinates between the traveler and different service providers such as: flying companies, hotels, transportation companies, special packages etc..

1000 Miles First Step LTD is not responsible in any way for any incident that could be caused by any deficiency of the services given by the service providers, or caused by reasons that are unrelated to service providers such as: strikes, weather, holidays etc..       


Registration for a camp/trip of 1000 Miles First Step will be conducted mainly through telephone or through one of the company agents.

Clients who register to one of 1000 Miles First step Ltd.'s camps/trips are obliged to provide the company with the following details: First Name and Surname (in English as written in Passport), First Name and Surname (in local language), address, age, date of birth, cellphone number, a family member's phone number (a parent's phone number is mandatory for participants under the age of 18), ID number, passport number, passport expiration date(passports should be valid for at least 6 months after the travelling day). Providing these details is an explicit approval that the customer is registered and will participate in 1000 Miles First Step Ltd.'s camp/trip and has also given his approval for the terms of contract's obligation including paying the fees of participation in the camp/trip or cancellation fees as explained next.


1000 Miles First step Ltd offers its customers the following payment options:

Bank transfer, international credit or debit card, cash.  

A deposit of €200 must be paid at time of registration to secure a spot for the participant in the camp/trip. All balances must be fully paid at least 7 days before the camp begins.

All registrations received in the last week before camp begins must include FULL payment of all camp fees.

Online payments: for paying online, the customer needs to fill in his credit or debit card details. 1000Mfs.com website is secured and is provided with a central securities clearing system. Entering the credit card details and the customer details are made to make the paying process faster and easier.


1000 Miles First step's camps/trips include flights, hotels, trips, transportations and other services that must be preserved in advance, therefore any cancellation will cause losses to the company. The company apologizes in advance for the necessity to charge customer cancellation fees. Cancellation fees will be charged according to the time of cancellation as shown in the following list:

  • In order to cancel your participation in the camp/trip you must notify us by writing to info@1000mfs.com or by sending a fax to +97249976892 and receive written acknowledgement from the company of your cancellation.
  • Cancellation within 14 calendar days from the date in which you accepted the offer, and only if there are at least 14 days left before the camp starts – The company will charge cancellation fees of 5% of the total amount OR €25 - the lowest among the two (a non-refundable administration fee).
  • Cancellation within 7-14 days before the camp begins – The Company will charge cancellation fees of €200 (registration's deposit).
  • Cancellation within 2-7 days before the camp begins – The company will charge cancellation fees of 50% of the total amount.
  • Refunds will be paid (according to the terms) within 30 calendar days of cancellation.
  • Cash refunds will be made in the same currency in which the payment was made.
  • A credit card refund will be made through a refund to the credit card. A cash payment will be refunded in cash or in any other way that is offered by the company and that is accepted by both parties.
  • Cancellation within the last two days – The Company will charge cancellation fees of 100% of the total amount.

    The company will not be responsible for any refunds in any case of hospital admission or other health issues. In such cases, the customer must contact the insurance company to check if the participant is entitled to any refund.

Postponing a camp/trip

Customers can postpone the date of the camp/trip if all the following terms are held:

  • A written request for postponing the date is sent (by email or fax) at least two weeks before the camp/trip begins.
  • The next camp/trip is within six months from the date of the postponed camp/trip.
  • The content of the desired next camp/trip is suitable for the customer's age and gender.

The postponing process will be approved if and only if all above terms are held. The amount of money that was paid by the customer will be transferred to registration for the next camp/trips (in euros €). If the terms are not held then the postponing process will be declined. In such case, a regular cancellation process will be held according to the cancellation fees' terms mentioned above.