Vacations for People with Special Needs

Guided Tours and Vacations at Cyprus for People with Special Needs.

our services include: accessible transportation, rental equipment, daily care, and accompaniment

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Guided Tours and Vacations for People with Special Needs

We plan, coordinate, and create tours that are accessible and barrier-free for people with different disabilities. Many leisure and cultural venues in Cyprus are now accessible and they are becoming increasingly more common: routes that eliminate architectural barriers, numerous monuments, museums, nature areas, activities that are partially or totally accessible. Indeed, enormous efforts are being made to adapt to the needs of travelers with physical disabilities by eliminating barriers and providing access to cultural and natural resources.

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1000 Miles First Step accessible services include:

  • Accessible Transportation: We provide private transportation with ramps and skilled drivers and arrange transfers from the airports to hotels and excursions in every city.

  • Rental Equipment: We provide all types of equipment for disabled people in all cities including IV stands, oxygen tanks, and masks, and much more upon request.
  • Daily Care: Allows disabled travelers to travel alone. We guarantee the accompaniment of a professional to support individuals in all day-to-day tasks, allowing them to enjoy being a tourist.
  • Accompaniment: Health professionals serve individuals for 12 hours or 24 hours supporting needs in all activities and tasks.

Our goal is to ensure a wonderful and barrier-free experience that will never be forgotten, as well as a heightened feeling of empowerment, equality, and engagement.

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Vacations for People with Special Needs

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